In Bullet Point what you can expect from us:

  • You can buy books for your academic & casual reading (used books at a very affordable price)
  • You can sell your used books with us according to our T&C.
  • Art supply for beginners & advanced artists
  • Blogs & Article collected from the internet & written by expert to expand your knowledge
  • A platform for new writers
  • Career opportunity for anyone who can contribute to us with innovative ideas

Novel Book Shop is an online books & stationeries store currently located on Surkhet-Birendranagar. You can find collection of books both for academic studying & exam preparations or for casual studying for advancing your horizon of knowledge of the world. We believe that right information at right hand can change the world. 

Novel Book Shop is not only online shop!

Apart from selling books & stationery, we are proving quality content on various topics (like lifestyle, career, educations, business) in form of blogs, videos, articles & books. People having a different perspective & high level of awareness are highly encouraged to collaborate with us. Anyone who wants to create content can contact us. Their words of experience will be beneficial for both them & our readers.

Our Mission:

In this modern world, where people are spending less time reading quality content from books & articles. Rather they are wasting more time consuming sort-cut feeds from social media & watching ready-made movies not even knowing what they are consuming. The habit of reading & writing is not even part of daily rituals for most people. In this way, there has been two class of people, one Creator class & another Consumer class. Although modern technology is giving enough freedom to be a creator, the population of original creators is decreasing & consumers are increasing. There is no shortage of fake creators all over the internet & in our physical world. Therefore, our mission is trying to be the original creator & inspiring our generation to be the same, especially in our Nepal.

We are providing tons of content as blogs & articles, videos, best-selling books from around the globe, art supplies for artists & a place for original creator to be more creative.